Our complete property management services encompass a wide range of areas, all expertly designed to maximize the owner's investment, keep residents happy, and provide unbeatable service for multi-family property management.

With over 27 years of experience in the real estate investing and property management industries, we offer owners the peace of mind that their property is managed with the utmost attention to detail regarding resident selection, property maintenance, and accuracy, all working for the long term future of the investment.

Many owners struggle with management firms, or struggle themselves trying to manage their physical property, residents, and financial documents.  With our advanced and experienced services, owners receive accurate reports, up-to-date rent rolls, 24-hour access to financial information, access to web-based software, advertising, and high occupancy levels, all while making money on their investment and keeping the residents happy with their home. Using us is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved.

Property Management - Leasing Process

  1. Unit Advertising

    • Advertising pushed through our Buildium cloud-based software to 4 most looked at internet syndications.
    • Signage when applicable
    • Lock boxes when applicable
    • Your units will be listed on our website
  2. Professional Photography and Virtual Tours

    Because making a best first impression online is very important when leasing, we offer our investors expert photography and virtual tour services. Professional photography and virtual 360 tours give your property a competitive advantage of your competition, and increases your leasing rates and resident retention over the years, maximizing your long term profits.

  3. Applications and Application Processing

    • Online capability from website
    • Credit check
    • Criminal check
    • Sex Offender registry check
    • Job / Income verification
    • Rental verifications with current landlord
    • Generates revenue for owner $40 individual, $75 joint
    • Photo ID kept on file for all leases
  4. Unit Showings

    • By appointment or on-site depending on complex size
  5. Lease and other documentation

    • We can use our lease or one you provide
    • Leases and other documentation can be done in person or via DocuSign based on resident needs
    • Move in inspection (with pictures as necessary)
    • Move out inspection (with pictures as necessary)
    • Late notices
    • Lease renewals
    • Lease extensions
    • Lease Violation letters
    • Follow ups re 30-day notice (60 days prior to expiration of lease)
    • General property notices (some via text, broadcast e mail lists etc.)
    • Freeze Warnings (open cabinets, drip water)
  6. Online resident portals

    • Rent payments
    • Maintenance requests (non-emergency)
  7. Maintenance

    • Highly skilled maintenance staff with years of on-the-job experience
    • Criminal background and sex offender registry checks for all employees
    • When necessary skilled trade will be utilized. We have established many ongoing relationships with certified and experienced contractors who provide us fast service and in many cases discounts.
    • 24-hour emergency service when necessary
    • Quick response time to all work orders
    • Uniformed and photo ID staff, clearly identify who we are to residents making them feel safe having them inside their home.
    • We take care of your resident’s needs so they want to remain a resident.
    • Maintenance staff always leaves a work order in resident’s home, so they know we were there. Outlining work performed.
    • We randomly call residents post work order request to confirm it was fixed to their satisfaction.
  8. Unit Turns

    As residents move out and units need to be turned for the next resident we move quickly and efficiently to keep rent losses to a minimum.

    • Assess the unit via a punch out checklist
    • Perform all necessary maintenance needed on unit
    • Change locks
    • Painting as necessary
    • Updating as necessary
    • Carpet and final cleaning as necessary
    • Once completed a person from management team will use a checklist to determine unit is 100% complete and ready for showings.
    • We do not show any unit until it is 100% complete.

Property Management - Resident Relations

  1. 24-hour Emergency Resident Hotline

    24-hour emergency hotline for residents to use in off-hours and for true emergencies.

  2. Designated Point of Contact for Each Resident

    Our office staff fields all resident calls during office hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm). Each resident has an established point of contact in our office.

  3. Resident retention programs designed to lower your expenses by keeping existing residents and justifying rental increases as applicable, including

    • Shampoo carpets
    • New blinds
    • Additional shelving in laundry area
    • Painting
    • Resident retention program will be tailored to each specific resident based on their needs and wants gathered at the 60-day pre-lease expiring call
  4. Rent Collection

    • Rent collected via resident portal on website
    • Rent can be mailed in
    • We do not collect any cash rent payments
  5. Community Events

    We strive to make residents feel part of a community. Where they make friends, where they have a neighbor to go get in event of a personal emergency. People they trust are looking out for them. Our world today can be isolating and it’s nice to build community between the residents. They are likely to complain less and stay in your community longer.

    • Outdoor movie night – we have a 20 ft outdoor screen and projector with speaker system. On a nice summer night, we have community outdoor movie night – everyone brings a blanket or chair and hang out to watch the movie.
    • Pass out Halloween candy and have costume contest for the kids. We set up a station in parking lot or greenspace and do this for entire community.
    • Holiday door or balcony decorating contest with a small prize.
    • Corn hole tournament – prize could be set dollar amount off next month’s rent ($25.00)
    • If property has gone through a massive renovation. We have had all existing residents come to a BBQ / Open House and tour the newly renovated units. We discuss with them transferring to a new unit at the new rental rate.

Property Management - Investor Benefits

  1. Late Fees

    We collect your late fees from anyone who hasn’t paid by 6th of the month (or other date you specify). These are posted as late fees and put on your income statement.

  2. Pet Fees

    We collect pet fee’s (typically a 1 time non-refundable $100) plus $25 a month per pet. We approve each pet and not all pets are approved. Based on weight, size, breed and history. Pet fees are put on your income statement.

  3. Damage Fees

    Damages assessed, photographed and billed directly to resident. Damage fees are collected by us and show up on your income statement.

  4. Utility Reimbursements

    Each project is different. But after analysis of your P and L for a specific property if your property could benefit dramatically from a sub metering program we can decide to have sub meters put in place for (any or all the following) water, sewer, gas, electric. This is billed by an outside vendor and the vendor will electronically deposit the collected money back into your account (under RUBS) significantly reducing your utility expense. This is typically done in phases as leases are renewed and units turned. As residents “go live” with metering statistically consumption of utilities drops 34% – making this program better for landlords NOI and the environment.

  5. Vendor Payments

    We can pay all or some of your monthly expenses related to your asset. This will make your record keeping duties efficient and easy. This also makes reports all in one place for easy access.

  6. Reporting

    All income goes by category in the income section. So, you know exactly what is coming in and in what category. This is a cloud-based system you can sign onto and check your income per property 24 hours a day.

  7. Rent roll

    • Resident Name
    • Resident Address
    • Resident rent amount also showing street (market rent)
    • Any unpaid resident fees such as damages, late fees etc.
    • Lease start
    • Lease expiration
    • Expenses
    • By expense, date, vendor, etc. Many ways to look at expenses including charts and graphs.
  8. Monthly P and L

    • T 12 (trailing 12 month)
    • Year to date
    • 12 month (Jan 1 to 12/31)
    • We can e-mail reports usually within an hour for bankers, accountants etc. Making us part of your team to easily borrow money, finalize tax returns, sell and market your asset, or simply see your property financials.

Investor Services

  1. Selling your Assets

    When investors decide to sell their assets, we work hand in hand with your agent/broker to facilitate a flawless transaction process. Throughout our Investor Services, we will meet potential buyers on site, arrange property viewings, meet with inspectors, lenders, and any other parties associated with the sale.

    In order to maximize our clients’ return on investment, we generate property reports and analyze property rent and value data to ensure property sells for it’s highest potential. In addition, we also provide resident report data to help investors determine possible outcomes of rent occupancy during or post sale.

  2. Property Analysis

    As part of our complete property analysis and investor services, we offer extensive property evaluation and analysis of each property’s physical and financial standing, and generate a list of recommendations to improve your property’s NOI.

    Because each property is unique and presents its own set of strengths and weaknesses, we take our time to identify each area of the property that would improve an investor’s ROI and generate the best rental outcomes.  Property analysis reports could include sub metering programs, recommendations to the exterior or interior of the units, recommendations for pet fees, short-term rental options, or a number of other suggestions. Each property could have a number of factors that affect its bottom line in a negative way, and with our experienced property management and analysis services we are able to quickly identify those areas and make tangible recommendations that make a significant difference in the long run.  

  3. Construction / Renovation

    As part of our complete property management and investor services we offer full-service general contracting. If your property is ever in need of rehab, our experienced construction team can handle any project from beginning to end, including concept design, scope of work, budgeting, financing, execution, and final resident placement.  

  4. Short Term Rental Options

    In some instances, depending on their proximity to points of interest or locations within the city, certain properties and complexes would be perfect candidates for a conversion to a short-term rental option. Through third party marketing websites like AirBNB and VRBO, properties rent out at a significantly higher rate on a short term basis when compared to a standard residential 12-month lease model. We will suggest short term rental as option if it suits your particular case.

Satisfying Investors and Residents Alike

  • Maximizing Rental Property Revenue
  • Detailed Owner Reporting
  • Managed Resident Relationships
  • Income and Expense Tracking
  • Simple and Transparent Fees
  • Emergency Services/24-Hour Hotline
  • High Occupancy Levels
  • Owner Online Property Management Portal